Friday, February 7, 2014

Art on a barn

David Berg, believing he's a profit, predicts a future one world government led by the "Antichrist" who will arise and force everyone to get the mark of the beast 666. Christians will be persecuted and for a time evil will win. So my parents and their new hippy friends escape to northern MN, moving onto this farm,  where their plan is to hide out and live off the land. Brilliant.

My dad, who is an amazing artist, paints a massive picture of a half naked women on the side of their barn...I suppose he should have been trying his hand at farming....but after living a very sheltered life he's quite excited by this idea of freedom, breaking away from normal traditions, women burning their bra's and letting it all hang loose, free, and natural. etc. So being an artist he's off expressing himself on the side of a barn. Funny fact, this gorgeous mural was facing a highway and quite a few cars ended up in a ditch. 

In the meantime my mom is off coping with her first child (my older sister) and her worst memory of this time is dealing with an endless stream of cloth diapers which she has to wash by hand in stupid cold weather. She said they'd freeze on the clothes line and she'd take them down, stacking them like plates. 

I'm not sure which of the hippies thought it'd be a great idea to raise rabbits as a protein source...because anyone who knows anything about nutrition knows that Thumper isn't the best meal plan. But there they all were, digging potatoes out of frozen ground, catching bunnies, crying over having to kill them and in the on could actually do the dirty deed and they let them all go free. 

Much to my parents relief, my dad's artistic talent is discovered by David Berg (I'll explain what he wants him for in another post) When I say my dad was a good artist I'm not bragging. He had entered several art competitions, won most of them, and by the time he graduated high school, had offers from, among others,  New York Times (to do their political cartoons) and Walt Disney...drawing Thumper and his pal Bambi. How different my life could have been.....

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