Monday, February 10, 2014

Family Care

The Children of God group had gotten started in the late 1960's and David Berg had most of his followers living in big communes, and anytime you get 40/50 or more horny 20 something year olds spending that much quality time're gonna end up with a lot of babies.  Side note: Cults will always promote having children because it's an easy way to gain followers. 

So there are all these hippies making love not war, kids are popping out like crazy....and David Berg decides these kids need an education. However he has already started to remove himself and "his people" from any kind of normal activities, such as having a job, going to school, attending church. As far as Berg is concerned everything has become corrupted by greed and dishonest living. This is when he starts referring to the USA as Babylon the Whore and encourages everyone to "Go into all the World and preach the gospel to every creature." Apparently America has become too corrupt  and cannot be saved…so everyone starts buying plane tickets and/or hopping on ships. Personally I think he just wanted to move everyone away from their loved ones and all that is familiar so they wouldn't be tempted to return to a normal healthy life.

David Berg decides that the children should be home schooled and he puts together a group of people with various skills, he gets a X-high school teacher (he had adopted an 11 year old girl, got a crush on her and made her one of his wives. He also rapped his boys…but that’s coming later), an artist (my dad), a photographer and editor (my first rapist), and others. This fabulous group of people were instructed to create curriculum's  work books that teach the 3 R’s, illustrate children’s books and readers, we even got a version of the History of the World….as told by David Berg of course (until this day I still get important world events screwed up because of him and his skewed view of the world) This group of people was called “Family Care”. We were fully supported, our location was kept secret which means we almost never saw anyone else from the COG and did our best to “blend in” with normal society.

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