Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don't worry, I'm alive!

So Saturday got off to an awful start, I yelled at my best friend for being late, and almost wreaked the car on my drive to the track. But after a hug, pep talk, and a run with good conversation I felt much better. My total work out ended right around the 8 hour mark and included running, swimming, biking and elliptical. Sunday I was sore and stiff...tried going for a bike ride around Mercer...but decided against it, enjoyed Starbucks instead and called it a rest day. Monday I was back at work, stumbling 80 year old with hemorrhoids had more grace then me that day....I could barely sit down but standing was harder so I settled for my yoga ball and almost broke my neck when it rolled suddenly sideways. But I did manage to waddle around the track Monday night for a good 4 miles and have kept up with my normal training routine since. I work, train, and sleep. This is my life until Oceanside Ironman in 5 weeks.

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